Almost 30 years ago, I took my chances and went after a dream. Against everyone’s advice, I left my daytime job traveling around the globe as an Export Manager for a multinational company in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to fully embrace life as a professional photographer. By a happy combination of (much) luck and (a little) talent, I ended up being hired as a staff photojournalist for the Jornal do Brasil, one of the oldest and most traditional Brazilian daily newspapers back then. There I spent four of the most fascinating and exciting years a rookie photographer may wish for.


As a “sorcerer’s apprentice”, I was able to cover all kinds of assignments and learned to photograph under a wide variety of different situations. I simply couldn’t have asked for a better training ground. From then to now, much has changed in photography, and in the world itself. What has not changed is my passion: after all these years looking everywhere through my camera lenses, I have developed a profound respect for the photographic art, and I feel it is a privilege to be able to live doing what makes me whole.


As of lately, I've been dedicating most of my time to traveling, almost always on a motorcycle, photographing and writing as I go. I visit remote, unique places, and meet many interesting people along the way. In these solo trips, some of them covering tens of thousands of miles, I experience a different sense of freedom and inner peace. It is a special feeling, one that makes me look for new ways to see the world around us.



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