Who is photographing my event?

I will always be the main photographer in any event. You may want to have a second photographer in case yours is a bigger affair, but the second photographer won’t be an assistant (I really don’t need anyone to carry my camera bag or hand me lenses). The second photographer is always someone I’m really used to work with and, more importantly, knows my style and how I work.


How do you shoot, and what about your post-processing?

I photograph non-stop throughout the event, favoring non-posed images and looking for the emotion and the meaningful moments that are sometimes overlooked by a more conventional photographic approach. The use of very fast lenses allows me to shoot with available light in even the most demanding environments, a style that gives the images a very natural and true-to-life, one-of-a-kind mood.

All my images are taken in RAW format and the complete final selection is then color-corrected, retouched (when needed) and finalized to achieve the best possible results. I shoot with top-of-the-line Nikon and Leica digital cameras and lenses, and I’m never worried about the number of pictures I end up taking: it’s all about the quality, never about the quantity. Typically, it will be around 600 to 800 final, edited, JPG images. These final images are then burned to DVDs and released with unlimited printing rights, and presented to you in unmarked, custom 4×6 high quality prints.


What type of books do you work with?

I always design my own books and each one is absolutely unique, for I never use pre-made templates of any kind. No cookie-cutters here… Yes, it is way more time and work, but I feel all events deserve a book as special and exclusive as the events themselves. Graphistudio‘s books, printed and hand-bound in Italy by one of the world’s most prestigious book manufacturers, are famous for their quality and attention to every detail, and it became a natural choice after reviewing the major book manufacturers from around the world. The standard size is 12×8, with 60 sides (30 double spreads). Books in larger sizes are available, and they can also have a larger number of pages, in case you need it. No matter the size, these books are downright gorgeous!

I also offer coffee table books from Asuka, another fantastic manufacturer from Japan. Very contemporary, extremely well finished and unique for sure. Lots of options here as well, but the best way to discuss your preferred book is always by checking them in person. Only then can you make a good decision about what feels right for you.


How do I book a date?

You may call, email, or walk into the studio. Visiting the studio is always a good opportunity to see more samples of my work, check the different types of albums and to talk about your event.


Can I customize the packages in any way I want?

Yes, you can and you should. My Basic Package is everything but basic: it includes up to 9 hours of coverage, one custom designed book,  all final images in custom 4×6 prints, online photo gallery and slideshow, and a DVD with your final images in high-resolution. I simply don’t like the idea of holding clients hostage to the final images…


Do you do all your editing and printing in house?

Yes, always. I control all aspects of the workflow, including the album designs. I don’t outsource anything, so I can guarantee you very unique and high-quality results.


We are getting married in France. Are you willing to travel?

Yes, for sure. Travel is my second passion, after all… Just tell me where you want me to be and I will be there. I would be more than happy to discuss all details of your destination event with you, just let me know.


¿Habla Ud. Español? Parlez-vous Français?  Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Você fala Português?

Si, un poquito! Oui, un petit peu! Ja, ein Bisschen! Claro! I’m ready, let’s go travel!


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