A glass half full…

Not being able to play with America as his favorite toy anymore, this total disgrace of a president finally decided to try and destroy it. The proverbial spoiled rich brat: if it can’t be mine, it won’t be anyone else’s.

It’s hard to stay positive after seeing this fool’s followers storming Washington DC earlier today, but I insist on seeing the light at the end of these long four years of darkness. It will take time for us to heal, and a lot of effort to get this train running in one rightful direction once again, but it will happen eventually.

I choose to believe the glass is half full. The Capitol invasion is not the start of a new era; it should mark the end of an unfortunate one. Today’s election results in Georgia are, though, and promise us a different path, a real new beginning.

May a whole new chapter in this country’s history start right now. In the grand scheme of things, a couple of centuries down the road, this bad joke of a leader will be just a little footnote in our books, one as inconsequential and pathetic as he proved himself to be.

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