A new series. It’s been a while…

I keep thinking about the reasons I may find for not having updated this blog in such a long time. I’ve been working, I’ve been traveling and I have been photographing quite a lot, and yet no new posts on the blog for over a year? Well, nobody reads blogs anymore, and it just felt like Instagram and Facebook would be the “de rigueur” platforms for my work.

Why do I feel nobody takes the time to visit blogs anymore? The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced the reason is exactly social media, and our ever so growing need to combine instant gratitude with the least possible amount of effort, be it physical or intellectual. This is the age of 140 characters calls for attention and two-paragraph emails, the time of Facebook and all its videos, images, texts, quotes and news, real or fake. Everyone is a writer, everyone is a photographer, and everyone is certainly posting whatever they please. Attention is at a premium. Why add one more grain of dust in this already overcrowded cyberworld? Who actually cares?

The question makes me realize that I do, and do care enough to make photography my way of going through this world. I make a living off of it. So what if it’s just another blog with some nice photos and a little bit of personal thoughts here and there, disguised as trip reports? This is mine, and I guess the best way to go about is to consider it a private daily diary of sorts. Only not that much private, let alone daily.

To celebrate coming back to the site, I’m pleased to announce yet another category in my work series: Creatures, an ongoing collection of wildlife images taken in these past couple of years in different areas of the world. Please be welcome to it by clicking here.

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