Alaska 2013 – The Journey is Completed

It’s done! After exactly 19,000 miles (such a coincidence, not a mile more or a mile less…), 68 days, 26 states, 4 Canadian provinces and a lot of espressos along the way, I parked the motorcycle in my garage a little before 7pm on Thursday, and finally reunited with my family. It was a very happy moment, and an intense one as well. It’s definitely not easy to be away from the people you love so much for such a long time, and being with them again feels simply fantastic. I guess they were happy and relieved to see me back in one (walking) piece, and I don’t blame them, because I have to say I feel relieved as well. After all, it’s a lot of miles riding in what is basically a little chair with two wheels and a powerful engine below it – just don’t let my motorcycle hear that… Having had no major or minor incidents after all these miles, not even a flat tire, is something to be very, very grateful for!

No need to repeat here what I’ve been posting these past few weeks on the trip updates. The cliches keep flowing naturally: trip of a lifetime, a one-of-a-kind-experience, an epic journey and so on, but labeling it now seems unnecessary. It was an experience that really goes beyond any words, and I have it forever with me from now on. The memories will stay, and I know I will learn a lot from them.

Right now, it’s still hard to believe I have done the whole journey, so I guess I will have to let time work its magic and slowly transport me from the open roads to “real life as usual”, for the lack of a better definition to my roles as a husband, a father, and a working man. I know it was a lot to absorb in such a small amount of time, but I trust I will discover the secret to making “real life as usual” benefit from these exceptional weeks on the road, thus making me a better partner to Nicole, a better Dad to Duda, Nanda, Gui and Ju, and a better professional to my clients. For now, the dust has to settle down, and most of my time for the next few weeks will have to be dedicated to catching up and getting back on track.

Before I sign off from the Alaska 2013 posts, a big thanks to all of you who followed the trip by reading the blog, it really made feel I wasn’t riding alone. I’m also very grateful for all the incredible new friends I’ve made in so many different places, I’ll be looking forward to meeting you again in future trips – there will be future trips! Finally, just as I wrote on the very first post about the ride, my love to my whole family for all the support and understanding. Without you, I can honestly say it wouldn’t have been the same journey, and you all were riding with me every single day.

I think about each and every day on the road, about each and every place I got to know and every person I crossed paths with. I think about all this with a lot of joy and gratitude, and I suspect now that I may be able to find a few good reasons for having done what I just did. One thing is for sure: I feel I’m a different man than the one who left home 10 weeks ago, prepared for the trip, but not knowing exactly I would face on the road ahead of me. I know now, and the world looks a lot friendlier and a lot more welcoming than before.

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  • Genevieve TrudelCongratulations! félicitations!ReplyCancel

  • Liz Hurwitz SobelWelcome home! So glad it was sensational! What a beautiful summation of your experiences.ReplyCancel

  • Ricardo FotovideoFelicidaes por tu gran viaje-aventura, y me imagino que tu y tu famila estan de fiesta por ese reencuentro, mas de 2 meses fuera de casa es mucho tiempo, cuando viajo a Ariizona sin mii esposa por 3 o 4 dias ya quiere que me regrese pero volando, ja ja ja no me imagino a tu esposa como aguanto tanto sin verte, luego me platicas como le hizo para decirle a mii esposa por si algun dia me atrevo hacer algo como tu lo haz hecho, Felicitaciones de nuevo por tu aventura, saludos desde cd. obregon, sonora, Mexico 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Luciana Dal Santo LewisParabens pelo feito, louca pra ver as fotos!ReplyCancel

  • Maria Helena BulcaoQue retorno maravilhoso!ReplyCancel

  • Robert PerezWelcome back Ricardo! Glad you made it safe! You’re a true inspiration!ReplyCancel

  • Henrique Lopez GalloniRicardiño!! Welcome back!! I am glad you made back. Let see when we can get together so you can pass your experience. By the way, great notes. I followed you all the way from the beginningReplyCancel

  • Cristina Pires Do RioQue máximo, Ricardo! Acompanhei os posts e as fotos – maravilhosas! Um beijo enorme para minha amiga querida tão linda – e compreensiva!ReplyCancel

  • Edward N Patricia Marinas per the day we meet at the training at NC, i remember i said that i don’t like to read ! but for some reason you got Me spellbound with your stories and the way you described all the trip and with those amazing pictures,thank you very much for shearing all your journal with all my friends, you are a such of inspiration for all of us ,thanks again and welcome home !ReplyCancel

  • Karen Salzberg SchwartzWelcome Home!ReplyCancel

  • Hierneis GunterLindas palavras, não poderia esperar outra coisa! Roberta Hierneis
    Já disse tudo, e nos dois temos a certeza , que também e muito bem sabemos o não dito. Beijo GIGReplyCancel

  • Luiz Carlos DavidParabéns Ricardo.Fiquei admirado com teu percurso.Muita estrada, só mesmo com essa bela BMW que cá prá nós, deve voarrrr! Forte abraço, camarada!ReplyCancel

  • Owen RobertsCongrats Ricardo, amazing journey!ReplyCancel

  • Alex MattheisRicardo, depois de 19.000 milhas, é bom estar em casa novamente. Segui, i admiravelmente, seu passos, nesta jornada inesquecível. Obrigado pela carona que oferecestes à todos que te seguiram. Fique sempre muito bem!ReplyCancel

  • Pure Energy EntertainmentHi Ricardo, it’s David…honestly I know it is not even close to the same thing, but I feel like I shared the journey with you the photos were so alive. You captured the majesty of the experience beautifully. I will scratch it off my bucket list

    Congratulations and it is great to have you home.ReplyCancel

  • Sofia Yturbide RothWhat a Fantastic advnture! Congratulations on such a great journey and a safe return to your loved ones!ReplyCancel

  • The Mike SipeI could not be more jealous! as you know I am a big fan of 2 Wheels and only wish I could have joined you! I really enjoyed the incredible photos but more importantly your physical transitions! LOL! Handsome Ricardo to Mountain Man Ricardo! LOL! One day my dear friend, One Day! Love YA!ReplyCancel

  • Zeca SeabraParabens! Pela bela escrita e pelas fotos. E viva Nicole Santa Rosa, amiga de infancia e k show essa parceria de voces dois! bjao Z



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