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Alaska 2014 – South Florida to Calgary, Canada

This is my 8th night on the road, and I’m in Calgary, Canada, ready to start packing everything and be on my way to Alaska tomorrow morning. Just like I did during last year’s trip, I stopped for a whole day and rested a little bit, if doing laundry and catching up with emails can...

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  • Ricardo FotovideoMuy buenas fotos tocayo!!!! sigue publicando cada vez que puedas, estamos contigo en tu aventura, tu eres nuestros ojos!!!!

  • Carlos Gohringer BarrenecheaExcellent!!!

  • Patti Burnell HeveronWe sooooo wish we could ride with you again in Alaska!!!! Pictures are more than spectacular…..miss you…have a great journey.ReplyCancel

  • Lesley JealBeautiful photos!!! Luv the mountains & glacier pics!!!! How close were you to the bear?? Cheeky prairie dog!! Where was the third from last photo taken?ReplyCancel

  • Renata De Saboya ChagasCaramba! Eu vi um urso nas fotos! Era de verdade?

  • Mauro GuerraRichard what a nice picture of the bear, and you are following your itinerary? how it is the weather on the trip? and how many hours per day average driving, average gas miles on the bike, wish is the best driving mode that you find on the bike, take care bro and have a nice time.ReplyCancel

  • Cristina Pires Do RioLindas fotos, Ricardo!ReplyCancel

  • Denise DelujahSpectacular pics!!ReplyCancel

Another long journey ahead…

Almost exactly one year after that memorable first trip from South Florida to Alaska, in which I rode 19,000 miles and stayed 10 weeks on the road, I’m about to start another long summer road trip. Tomorrow morning, after a nice Father’s Day breakfast with Nicole, Duda, Nanda and Gui, I’ll be once again embarking...

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  • Edward N Patricia MarinCongrats my friend and good luck ! Keep us post ReplyCancel

  • Dale ChandlerGood luck and be safe. Sounds like a great trip . ReplyCancel

  • Rambo JohnEnjoy. Wish I was goingReplyCancel

  • Paul UdellSafe travels and enjoy yourself. I look forward to your updates.ReplyCancel

  • Tania Battistuci FreitasQue Deus te acompanhe em mais essa empreitada ! Tenha uma viagem segura, feliz e cheia de imagens inesquecíveis que sei que vc fará o possível pra nos brindar !! Bom trabalho and a wonderful journey !! BjsReplyCancel

  • Terence TalbotBe safe my friend, and enjoy the journey. Big abraço ReplyCancel

  • Genevieve LeydigWow! Can’t wait to see your work yet again!! Be safe and ride on!ReplyCancel

  • Maria Helena BulcaoQue essa consiga ser melhor que a primeira! Pena que a gente vai se desencontrar…Bj. grandeReplyCancel

  • Mario Henrique Lott PachecoGo, Ricky, go!ReplyCancel

  • Pedro LottPneu de asfalto? Vai trocar no norte? Boa viajem dindo q vc se divirta e conte tudo quando voltar ReplyCancel

  • Lesley JealSafe travels Ricardo !!! If passing Manchester Michigan, pop in to rest a travellers weary head! There’ll be beer in the fridge & good food!! Lesley & Geoff ReplyCancel

  • Mauro GuerraBro enjoy your time send a lot of pictures and if you need ant think let me know how can I help you.ReplyCancel

  • Astrid RodriguezThat is exactly the journey i would like to do….take notes! I might reach out to you afterwards….ReplyCancel

  • Joanna GuinleVá com deus brodi! Divirta-se! Boa sorte. BjãoReplyCancel

  • Brian Wellerwhat a fantastic trip ! I wanted to go up the coast on a jet ski ! Gods speed and drive safe . ReplyCancel

  • Jason KapitEnjoyed reading this. Have a great trip!ReplyCancel

  • Luiziana BarrosUhuuu já estou imaginando as fotos maravilhosas que vc vai postar. Com certeza seu olhar agora será outro.
    Boa viagem. Aproveite cada km rodado e compartilhe conosco as belezas que você vir.ReplyCancel

  • Stu WatsonBeautiful pics , interesting post.

    Btw, please don’t write in caps !!! ReplyCancel

  • Ricardo FotovideoCongratulations on your decision Namesake, take care, have fun and do not forget to show us what you’re seeing and will be watching your new journey! Greetings and a hug.ReplyCancel

Alaska 2013 – The Movie

I confess I didn’t think much about doing a video of the road trip to Alaska, mainly because I knew it would come down to this dilemma: how to condense 68 days of riding through 26 states and 4 Canadian provinces into a short movie? So most days I just set my GoPro and turned...

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  • Pure Energy EntertainmentLove it….scared me to see the part with you riding with no hands, but i knew the ending:) ReplyCancel

  • Claudio SpalterParabéns Ricardo, viagem e filme maravilhosos !!!ReplyCancel

  • Brian Edward SmithHey Ricardo, I enjoyed the video. Glad you made it home safe.ReplyCancel

  • Denise DelujahParabens Ricardo, linda viagem!ReplyCancel

  • Dennis WalshRicardo, thank you for posting this incredible video and ride report. I am planning a similar trip for 2014 and would speak with you about your journey. I live in the West Palm area and could easily met you in Weston for a coffee or lunch or something. Great job on the pics and report, clearly a professional job.ReplyCancel

    • ricardoHi Dennis, thanks for writing, and sorry for the delay in getting back to you. This is the peak of my working season and I haven’t checked the blog comments in a while. Glad to hear you’re planning a similar trip, you won’t regret the decision! If you would like to meet for a coffee, it would be a pleasure. Would love to help with some tips from my own experience this summer. Stay well and let me know when would you like to come visit Weston.ReplyCancel

  • Cantor Debbi BallardRicardo, You are so amazing! I completely respect that you work so hard, but you push so far beyond your work and embrace the passions of your life as well. You deserve such an amazing trip. I loved every minute of this video – I can only hope to have such an amazing adventure some day!

  • Marci Hirshman GuttenbergRicardo, thank you so much for sharing the magnificent glimpse of your beautiful journey. The video was absolutely amazing and adventurous. Some of the roads seemed exciting, yet scary, but I’m sure it was a spectacular experience. Glad you returned home safe.ReplyCancel

  • Cláudio Moto-GiroVALEU!!!

Alaska 2013 – The Journey is Completed

It’s done! After exactly 19,000 miles (such a coincidence, not a mile more or a mile less…), 68 days, 26 states, 4 Canadian provinces and a lot of espressos along the way, I parked the motorcycle in my garage a little before 7pm on Thursday, and finally reunited with my family. It was a very...

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  • Genevieve TrudelCongratulations! félicitations!ReplyCancel

  • Liz Hurwitz SobelWelcome home! So glad it was sensational! What a beautiful summation of your experiences.ReplyCancel

  • Ricardo FotovideoFelicidaes por tu gran viaje-aventura, y me imagino que tu y tu famila estan de fiesta por ese reencuentro, mas de 2 meses fuera de casa es mucho tiempo, cuando viajo a Ariizona sin mii esposa por 3 o 4 dias ya quiere que me regrese pero volando, ja ja ja no me imagino a tu esposa como aguanto tanto sin verte, luego me platicas como le hizo para decirle a mii esposa por si algun dia me atrevo hacer algo como tu lo haz hecho, Felicitaciones de nuevo por tu aventura, saludos desde cd. obregon, sonora, Mexico 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Luciana Dal Santo LewisParabens pelo feito, louca pra ver as fotos!ReplyCancel

  • Maria Helena BulcaoQue retorno maravilhoso!ReplyCancel

  • Robert PerezWelcome back Ricardo! Glad you made it safe! You’re a true inspiration!ReplyCancel

  • Henrique Lopez GalloniRicardiño!! Welcome back!! I am glad you made back. Let see when we can get together so you can pass your experience. By the way, great notes. I followed you all the way from the beginningReplyCancel

  • Cristina Pires Do RioQue máximo, Ricardo! Acompanhei os posts e as fotos – maravilhosas! Um beijo enorme para minha amiga querida tão linda – e compreensiva!ReplyCancel

  • Edward N Patricia Marinas per the day we meet at the training at NC, i remember i said that i don’t like to read ! but for some reason you got Me spellbound with your stories and the way you described all the trip and with those amazing pictures,thank you very much for shearing all your journal with all my friends, you are a such of inspiration for all of us ,thanks again and welcome home !ReplyCancel

  • Karen Salzberg SchwartzWelcome Home!ReplyCancel

  • Hierneis GunterLindas palavras, não poderia esperar outra coisa! Roberta Hierneis
    Já disse tudo, e nos dois temos a certeza , que também e muito bem sabemos o não dito. Beijo GIGReplyCancel

  • Luiz Carlos DavidParabéns Ricardo.Fiquei admirado com teu percurso.Muita estrada, só mesmo com essa bela BMW que cá prá nós, deve voarrrr! Forte abraço, camarada!ReplyCancel

  • Owen RobertsCongrats Ricardo, amazing journey!ReplyCancel

  • Alex MattheisRicardo, depois de 19.000 milhas, é bom estar em casa novamente. Segui, i admiravelmente, seu passos, nesta jornada inesquecível. Obrigado pela carona que oferecestes à todos que te seguiram. Fique sempre muito bem!ReplyCancel

  • Pure Energy EntertainmentHi Ricardo, it’s David…honestly I know it is not even close to the same thing, but I feel like I shared the journey with you the photos were so alive. You captured the majesty of the experience beautifully. I will scratch it off my bucket list

    Congratulations and it is great to have you home.ReplyCancel

  • Sofia Yturbide RothWhat a Fantastic advnture! Congratulations on such a great journey and a safe return to your loved ones!ReplyCancel

  • The Mike SipeI could not be more jealous! as you know I am a big fan of 2 Wheels and only wish I could have joined you! I really enjoyed the incredible photos but more importantly your physical transitions! LOL! Handsome Ricardo to Mountain Man Ricardo! LOL! One day my dear friend, One Day! Love YA!ReplyCancel

  • Zeca SeabraParabens! Pela bela escrita e pelas fotos. E viva Nicole Santa Rosa, amiga de infancia e k show essa parceria de voces dois! bjao Z

Alaska 2013 – One Last Road (Going Home)

After I left Colorado four days ago, I  tried to cover a lot of miles each day and stopped a lot less. I almost didn’t photograph, or at least not nearly as much as in the past weeks, since I had to cover an average of 500 miles every day, under very hot weather. I...

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  • Nicole Santa RosaVoltando pra casa trazendo na bagagem experiências maravilhosas!❤ReplyCancel

  • Hugo Schwerin Seccoe saudades!ReplyCancel

  • Paulo Serpa VollmerRicardo, se eu estou emocionado, imagina você. Parabéns pela jornada. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Erik Frogger Nelsenbravo richardo bravo.ReplyCancel

  • Genecy Toti JuniorUm Grande sonho de viagem se acaba.mas logo se pensa em outro projeto Parabéns espero fazer algo parecido abr.ReplyCancel

Alaska 2013 – Ninth Week (Colorado)

When I first started planning the route for this trip, I imagined I would spend a couple of days in Utah on my way back, and then pretty much take a straight line from there to home. I didn’t consider spending anytime in Colorado, except for a single stop for the night somewhere in the...

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  • Karen Salzberg SchwartzThank you for sharing your amazing journey!

    Have a safe trip home!ReplyCancel

  • Maria Helena BulcaoEssa viajem deve virar um livro! Historias e fotografias…ReplyCancel

  • Owen RobertsGreat photos….I am going to have to ride there!ReplyCancel

  • Jeff ShortThanks for allowing me to share your pic’s and your journey…ReplyCancel

  • Vanda AbreuConcordo com Maria Helena… a seguir vem o livro! relato e fotografias lindas.ReplyCancel

  • Clara MaciasThese are amazing photographs! WOW!ReplyCancel

  • Ricardo FotovideoQue tal Ricardo, cada vez mas cerca de casa y la famila, muy buen as imagenes, gracias por compartirlas, cudate!ReplyCancel

  • Mario Henrique Lott PachecoEssa viagem lhe colocou em contato com imagens e pessoas igualmente inesquecíveis. Muito legal!ReplyCancel

  • Lusia MauraA ideia já foi lançada Ricardo, vc escreve tão bem qto fotografa, mãos à obra, vai ser um livro e tanto. Vou adquirir o meu no dia do lançamento com direito a autógrafo! BjooosReplyCancel

  • Edward N Patricia MarinALMOST HOME MY FRIEND , HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON.ReplyCancel

  • Lesley JealHello Ricardo! Geoff & I (Lesley) are very pleased that you are back in the arms of your Loved Ones! We met at The Buffalo Sage Bed & Breakfast, Boulder, Utah. A very nice place to put a weary head or two! David & Alice were very welcoming & friendly. It was Great to meet you! Your journey sounded very daunting & exciting all at the same time as you were telling us where you had visited, & where you were about to go! Yes, certainly a trip of a Lifetime….. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to catch up & follow you on your journey, it was a touch of reality when we got back home to Manchester in Michigan. Oh, by the way, we got caught up in the bike race the next day after being told! Lol! We ended up coming back about 77 miles, passing The Buffalo Sage B & B, heading for the 89 & joining the 70. That was a long day! We did get to see Bryce, Zion Canyon & The Arches, totally speechless. Such dramatic & rugged scenery, takes your breath away! Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Ricardo for your comments on some of the photos that I showed you & your views in general! You gave me a push as I am not the most confident of people! Geoff says that I have a gift/talent but haven’t been convinced. I have today posted entries for Birds & Blooms, three categories, Best in Birds, Butterflies & Flowers. If you have an email address, I would like to send them to you…. see what your thoughts might be? Would also like to keep in touch with you to hear of your future journeys & update on your book. Good Luck! Geoff & Lesley (Jeal).ReplyCancel

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    Many thanksReplyCancel

  • is awesome, i will come back here for sureReplyCancel

Alaska 2013 – Eighth Week (Utah)

Crossing the Loneliest Road in America was really nice, but after two days in Nevada, I was ready to keep on going. I left Ely on a sunny Monday morning, stopping at the Great Basin, one of the ten least visited National Parks, and was impressed with what I saw. The rangers at the park told...

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  • Lusia MauraMais uma etapa com fotos sensacionais. Adorei as fotos que a moto foi inserida na paisagem, estão lindas!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole Santa RosaLugares fantásticos, fotos maravilhosas! Essa 8a. semana foi show. Também estou quase em casa, muitas, muitas saudades! <3ReplyCancel

  • Edward N Patricia MarinSo nice !!!! ReplyCancel

  • Paola BonelliTodas maravilhosas. Também gostei muito da entrada da moto. Principalmente na foto noturna. Ela parece Darth Vader, cheia de poder…;)ReplyCancel

  • Alexandre Sant'Annaricardo, isso tudo TEM que virar u livro. parabéns, vc escreve tão bem quanto fotografa. sensacional. abs.ReplyCancel

  • Vanda Abreuobrigada! paisagem fabulosa, fotografia linda – como sempre! continuação de boa viagem…ReplyCancel

  • Paula SeixasFotos lindas! Wow! Boa viagem!ReplyCancel

  • Carmen BerfordAmazing pictures! I’m going to use them in my English class to talk about people who have intersting lives! ThxReplyCancel

  • Adalgisa Correia Teixeira…fabuloso..sempre a rolar…ca estou para te ler..;).ReplyCancel

  • Ricardo FotovideoNo cabe duda lugares increibles y ni que decir de las fotos ricardo saludos y gracias por compartirlas!ReplyCancel

  • Ricardo FotovideoLas fotos de los animales me imagiino que las tomaste con un telefoto minimo de 300?ReplyCancel

  • Renata MelloLindas fotos. Se um dia eu me largar, Utah estará com certeza na rota. Inspirada por vc, já comecei a ler o Jupiter’s travels. rsReplyCancel

Alaska 2013 – Seventh Week (Northern California, Yosemite and The Loneliest Road)

After the memorable visit to Ted Simon, I stopped for the night in Fort Bragg, on the northern coast of California, and left the following day under the most stunning skies California can offer on a summer day. The ride along the coast was splendid, and I took my time enjoying the views and stopping...

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  • Stu NowlinCalifornia’s coast and the deserts east are amazing. Nancy and I rode that on our honeymoon on a Norton Fastback in 1967. We were both incredibly amazed by the scenery and you have captured the sense of that incredibly well. Bravo, Ricardo!ReplyCancel

  • Ricardo FotovideoYa estaba ansioso de ver las nuevas fotos, gracias por compartirlas Ricardo, bien padres! saludos!ReplyCancel

  • Alex MattheisThis is more than special… I think that the correct word for it would be: indelible!ReplyCancel

  • Pure Energy EntertainmentReally! This journey speaks volumes about you Ricardo. A sense of adventure, passion and an understanding that you get one chance to make the most of every opportunity, every moment. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration!ReplyCancel

  • Edward DikesRicardo,
    Looks like your having the time of your life! You deserve it ENJOY…… Drive safely my friend>>>>>>.ReplyCancel


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